I have been honoured to have received some recommendations / testimonials.  These can also be found via my LinkedIn Profile.

  • When it comes to knowledge of software & application to professional accounting practices, Alan knows more about what works, what doesn't, how it works, how much it costs and its applications to the business than anyone I have met. This combined with his contacts within the industry and his personal approach make him a very valuable resource to our practice. Rarely have I met an IT "geek" with a combination of ability & personality but Alan is such a person.  Norman Same, Director knp Solutions

  • Alan's knowledge and contacts in the market make him a valuable part of any strategic discussion in a professional services firm when it comes to technology. We (KPMG) recently built a 5 year plan for our Enterprise department and Alan did a superb job of bringing the market view, current technology offerings, and the future landscape to the table. The workshops he ran meant that we were able to align our thinking and bring together a coherent view that all stakeholders agreed upon.  For a solid review of your current technology state, and a clear guide on where to go next, I highly recommend Alan as part of your technology strategy planning team.  Fleur Telford Technology Lead Enterprise KPMG

  • I have known Alan a considerable time both in his current role and in previous employment. What I really like about Alan is the way he makes complex issues simple, the way he engages with you and actively listens to what you are saying, your needs and requirements. His frankness (mixed in with a little humour)about what he considers to be the best solution for you (this may not necessarily coincide with his best interests).  If you are considering changes in your IT solutions I strongly recommend that you discuss these with Alan prior to embarking on what may be an expensive journey which may not deliver the outcomes you desire for your business. The fact that he is an independent consultant also means that he is not selling a particular product he is selling impartial advice that is in my experience unique in the market.  In summary Alan is reliable, professional, knowledgeable and can add significant value to your business. I would recommend that you discuss your IT needs with him at any point in the process be it pre-purchase or implementation issues. His independent and forthright opinion may save a considerable amount of time, money and angst.  Anthony Hayley, Director BDO Australia

  • I have known Alan since the early days of his venture 'Practice Connections.' As our tax technology company was developing a market entry strategy to do a platform pilot in Australia, we found Alan an excellent and highly reliable subject matter expert who would always make time to ensure we developed and implemented our business case on the right critical path. Alan is a pleasure to work with not to mention a really top bloke! Sandeep Khurana, Global Market Development Strategy & Go-To-Market: CEO-as-a-Service: Business Transformation Advisory
  • I was introduced to Alan when searching for a professional who knew several large accounting software packages and could help me with a data migration issue. After our first meeting I knew that Alan’s wealth of knowledge and contacts within the industry would be of great benefit to what my team were trying to achieve. Alan’s level of expertise, his ability to bring an independent view point and challenge the somewhat antiquated views of the Accounting industry have been imperative in shaping our future strategies. Rhona Duncanson, KPMG
  • I encountered Alan as we were both forging entrepreneurial ventures in the world of tax technology, disruption and accounting practise transformation. Alan has created a unique value proposition in the market place with his ability to bring an independent, and highly nuanced, researched and articulate perspective around the role of technology in driving industry change. A man of impeccable integrity and authenticity I have the utmost respect for his view and often seek his thoughts on industry shaping themes, global tax initiatives and in fact life in general... Jon Johnson, Vice President Global Client Services, GCRS
  • Alan has a great understanding of the tax technology market and is able to guide clients through the often difficult process of selecting the appropriate technology solution for their needs. All too often, Corporates are looking for "magic pill" type solutions that do everything, are easy to use, and cheap to purchase/implement. Equally, software vendors have a tendency to "over-sell" their products. This can create a fertile ground for unfulfilled expectation and unhappy customers. Alan is an expert at getting to the heart of what a customer really needs and what a solution can really offer. His services are the essential first stop in any vendor selection process and I recommend him enthusiastically to my Linkedin network. Stephen Alleway, Transfer Pricing director Questro International & Director Otico Software
  • Alan has great insight into the future of the use of software in the accounting industry. His articles are always well written and highly insightful. I always look forward to reading Alan's posts, as they are thought provoking and the discussion that follows is always interesting to read.Alan has taken the time to reach out to me to offer me his knowledge on the topic of practice management software. His willingness to assist me has been greatly appreciated.  Lee Duffield Manager CMS Advisory
  • I have had the privelege of knowing Alan for many years, initially as a candidate, then a client and more recently in a coaching capacity. Alan is a dynamic, astute, switched on professional. I love his matter of fact, authentic, intelligent and common sense approach to everything that he undertakes. You can't help but like Alan, he enjoys a reputation of excellence because he REALLY goes above and beyond to exceed clients expectations. He's also quite adept at connecting people and services through his knowledge and strong network. I wish you continuing success Alan, you deserve it; I can't recommend you highly enough!  Josephine Mangano Recruitment Specialist, Salazar Phoenix
  • Having worked with Alan for many years I highly recommend him. Alan is insightful, wise and provides terrific industry insight. Nigel Mason, Group CFO AirEng
  • I've worked with Alan across a couple of organisations in different roles. I've always found him to be knowledgeable, well-connected, and good fun to be around. My colleagues and I have felt comfortable in placing him in front of senior executives, and he has added tremendous value through his proactive approach and significant industry experience, in order to assist organisations. I'm very pleased to recommend Alan. Peter Whittington, Partnership Executive, Perpetual
  • I don't follow many people on LinkedIn, mainly because time is precious, so it was only after I'd read a few of Alan's posts, had a chuckle and a think (coz his posts often make me think), I clicked the 'follow' thingy. No regrets. Alan is informative and covers the areas I have an interest in, as well as being topical he tells me about stuff I didn't know, hence opening new options to consider or investigate further. Happy to follow into the future.  Peter Marsh, PA Marsh & Assoc.
  • Alan has been a great colleague and friend over the years that I have known him. Key to his success is his ability to truly connect and understand client requirements and then deliver. I have the highest regard for ability to see projects through to meeting objective. James Malcolm, Managing Director Crescere Partners
  • With technology advancing and the use of cloud being more prominent, we knew we had to make a decision to embark on the cloud journey. But where do we start? We approached Alan FitzGerald to provide our firm with a complete software system review.  Alan’s meticulous procedure in meeting the directors to obtain their overview and requirements followed by his investigations into the operation of the firm were paramount in reaching our goals. Upon identifying the current market using his network contacts and clients, he contacted all suitable vendors recommended to provide a fully extensive report and organised product demonstrations thereafter. Alan’s assistance was invaluable being knowledgeable, clear and informative with the information provided.  Mei Wu, Director KNP Solutions.