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Lost time is never found again. Benjamin Franklin

With the process of choosing software often taking many months, time is a commodity in short supply; can you afford to lose it? 

Keeping up with myriad vendors is a tough task, especially if you do not do it everyday.  
If you are looking at change to software such as your practice management suite corporate tax, FBT or statutory reporting (to name but a few options) if you are a company the choice is HUGE so it makes sense to transfer your anxiety to an independent, unbiased advisor who can assist you.  By understanding the requirements of your business the most suitable vendor will be found to match this need.  

Importantly, almost all of this work that you typically would have to manage yourself, now happens in the background allowing you to continue focussing onyour field of expertise.  Even if you do not proceed with the project, you will have the latest information with the least amount of time spent getting it.

Benjamin would be very happy with you.


Alan FitzGeraldComment