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You'd better get a lawyer son.....

In my role, things regularly come out of the blue; earlier this week for instance, a call from a tax lawyer / barrister.  No, I’m not in any trouble; he was offering his services to my network who may have tax related ‘issues’.

Legal firms have tax teams and accounting firms have legal teams - the lines between these professional organisations is blurring more than ever; Accounting firms without in-house legal teams can often be nervous with passing on tax controversial topics to a firm - in case the client moves.

If you need independent advice, please contact me via LinkedIn and I will discreetly pass you his details - happy to sign an NDA if required.

Now all I need is for my own accountant to call me to tell me I have a tax problem: it will hopefully mean that I am making way too much money…….


Alan FitzGerald