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10/9/2015 I started a consultancy business and created a form of time travel...

I had a client about 8 years ago called Peter. The IT partner in an accounting firm, he had a wickedly dry turn of phrase. "How can I help you, Peter?", I would ask. "Invent time travel..." was his response.

Peter, you may have gathered, was stressed and very time poor.

'PracticeConnections' exists now because of partners like Peter. In my search for what I love to do, the answer was actually there in front of me all the time; I had a 'mistress' in the form of the tax software industry.
I'll concede it is a rather odd choice of mistress, but over the past 15 or so years, I have been greatly rewarded by working with several vendors, partnering with specialist boutique accounting firms and more.  In particular, five years at Thomson Reuters exposed me to a whole new level of specialist tax solutions including transfer pricing, corporate tax, indirect taxes and more.  

As you probably know, technology projects will inundate you with vendors all of which have to be reviewed, added to a short-list or crossed off.   Endless hours, weeks, potentially months of time are spent, seeing presentations, reviewing solutions / services until your eyes bleed, trying to establish to sort out which one suits your goal best.  All this while trying to manage your business as well. Cue; stress rich, time poor, too hard. 

Peter was like this and that is why I set up this venture. I can now share what I have learned, the solutions available and give a big chunk of your life back through vendor independent advice.  If you have a project about to start, or are stuck in the middle of one, consider your options;

be like Peter and struggle through
make your life easier by getting advice

I think of what I do as a type of time travel; I've finally created it.  

Peter would be so happy


Alan FitzGerald