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It's coming up to FBT season again; some software options & avoiding a false economy choice

You may not be aware, but there is a very competitive software market to file FBT returns.   Some of these, in alphabetical order, are;  

CCH   EasyFBT   NTAA   Thomson Reuters

Each of these tools has advantages for different situations.   This is why the market is so competitive and why software companies invest so much into their development.

But, if they all produce a FBT return, why would I not choose the cheapest and be done with it?  This has been the approach in the past.  The perceived 'safe option' particularly from IT departments or junior staff, was to buy the cheapest tool without recognising associated hidden costs to the organisation.   There are always reasons to choose one over another and often the reasons not considered may surprise you as to the knock-on effects to your bottom line. 

Instead of defaulting to "doing what we have always done" take the time to do your research on the above, or contact me for an unbiased chat about them, 0423 139 404.  

Alan FitzGerald