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The Beer Game : how it can help accounting firms assist their clients

I first played ‘The Beer Game’ whilst working for an electronic component distribution company in the late 1990s: the business was all about supply chain management not only buying but ensuring that the goods we brought in were delivered to our clients at the appropriate time (KanBan for JIT delivery, etc).

Ironically it was the CFO who got the worst performance that day - which certainly raised a few eyebrows... but I digress.

Supply Chain Management for any organisation especially with the slow nature of the payment of invoices has dramatic impacts on cash-flows.  You don’t necessarily need a piece of software to understand that over / under ordering leads to ripple effects in the ENTIRE supply chain which is why using The Beer Game and understanding the impacts becomes relevant.  The Beer Game is available for free here

I see a great value added opportunity for accountants to hold an off-site what includes a group of clients to play the game - the insights they will get from playing as well as the areas that the accountant can add value to, are immense and will build a ‘stickier’ relationship.

Technology can play a part -and that is where I can assist - but understanding fundamentals is where it starts - that’s where accountants come in.


Alan FitzGeraldComment