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If you fill out an IDS; you'll need TPContoller | LinkedIn

Managing transfer pricing and related documentation can often be a major challenge; documents can be filed several times across multiple folders and too often incorrectly or haphazardly. Self-service capability typically doesn't exist and TP audit documents may not be stored in a central and searchable format for quick access.

An integral component of Otico's TPController is a dedicated document repository to give you complete control over who has what access to your documents in any format. Designed specifically for Transfer Pricing managers to add, view and secure documents of any format giving instant access to all your TP related documentation.  

We offer both a hosted service or if you prefer, an easily hosted version 'within your 4 walls'. TPController is a cost effective solution uniquely designed by a team at the coal-face of Transfer Pricing.

Documentation control affects companies all around the globe.  If you would like to experience how Otico is making the lives of tax and transfer pricing managers around the world easier, contact me at  


Alan FitzGerald