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More on MYOB's takeover of APS

In the Australian market, MYOB's take over ReckonAPS (NB: subject still to regulatory approval) and the disruption to firms that WILL happen regardless off any statements to the contrary, should be reason alone for firms to look at their strategy with the systems they have, how the changing changing landscape will affect them and what their clients will be looking for from them.

Entrants into the Australian market such as Onvio (coming at soon) and others, have made this the most exciting / tumultuous time in about 15 years. Firms need to evaluate their options free themselves from the constraints of legacy solutions, discover the freedom, flexibility and frankly practicality of new solutions. I have a piece being edited currently which will be published via Sholto Macpherson discussing impacts of this change.

The article I referred to has been posted - you can find it

Alan FitzGerald