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Not affected by BEPS & CbCR but want to keep your Transfer Pricing documentation under control? TPController makes it easy.

Not every company will be obliged to submit a CbCR report under the new OECD rulings; but every company that has transfer pricing documentation can relate to the frustration of documents of different types not being in the right place at the right time.

A client asked Otico to create what is now a key area of  the TPController solution: a central document repository where documents of any type can be shared to those with the appropriate rights i.e. by territory, entity and / or user privileges.  
Upload any document or file type once to TPContoller, allocate the territory, entity and user access rights and that's it;  full control over your documentation.  
Otico also offers you the option to use our data hosting facility or have the entire software locally hosted - i.e. inside your own 4 walls on your premises. Even if your TP position is not particularly controversial in any way, many legal & IT teams have told us they prefer to have the ownership and this has been a key difference in our approach to working with organisations.  

If you are affected by the new BEPS & CbCR legislation, then contact us to learn how we can assist you. 

Otico is designed to meet the needs of both corporate AND professional advisers - after all, it is software designed by Transfer Pricing specialists for Transfer Pricing specialists - you won't find that anywhere else!

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Alan FitzGerald