There are times when companies need to change their provider of accounting services.  It may be budget related, a directive from an overseas parent, the need for a service that your current provider cannot offer or simply a time for a change.

I work with you to prepare a ''sanitised'' document briefing outlining the services required.  Depending on the requirements, the document is sent to a selection of accounting providers ranging from from sole practitioners, boutique firms through the mid-tier to Big4 - all depending on your requirements - for quotation.  These providers will not know your details until they are invited to meet with you.  

My fee for this service can be an agreed sum or a percentage of the fee invoiced by the provider.  It is an arms length transaction which is payable by you to me and not by the service provider.   Please note: there is a minimum $1,700 + GST fee for my service regardless of whether the end service is used or not.