Organisations engage me for an independent view on specialist technology & services to meet long term goals.


Professional Service Firms

I help firms to navigate and choose the best technology and services for their business.




Commercial Organisations

Commercial organisations face multiple issues; compliance overheads, deadlines, and harsh penalty regimes. This forces everyone to be at the top of their game.

It is still surprising to see then, that many organisations continue to use outdated processes which - whilst compliant - are neither efficient nor error free.  

The compliance obligation for commercial entities will only grow harder so the sooner you can implement a complementary process, the sooner you will be able to focus on working on your business not in it.

With such a variety of vendors in the market, choosing the one that matches your needs can be a drawn out process taking you away from your core job: don't let it be; PracticeConnections can assist you select the best software / services mix for your business.


Virtual CIO (vCIO) service

If you struggle to keep up with technology especially as an accounting firm, my virtual CIO service might be the ticket.

Many firms miss out on the capability of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) as they are just not big enough to justify these roles as full time or more often, don't have the budget. This leads to an annual rotation of someone in charge of IT (strategy, operations and the overall budget) who typically know very little about managing IT. For me that always begs the question:

“How can you get the best out of your IT spend when the person in charge of it knows so very little about it?”

My vCIO service provides a cost-effective solution to these problems with the simple fact that you get access to IT managerial expertise, but only for only the hours you actually need. I am part of your team with a vested interest in your success, and can call the hard shots with your IT budget and make it work better for you.


About me

After completing business studies majoring in German with French as minor subject, my career has taken me from industrial steel piping in Ireland, to semiconductors (computer chips) both in Germany & Australia then to the tax and accounting industry when in 1999 I joined Solution6 (now MYOB).

Over the last 19+ years, I have worked for a variety of vendors including network and hardware companies, APS (now Reckon) as well as more than 5 years with Thomson Reuters in their specialist tax and accounting software division.  It is the knowledge gained over this time complemented with continued enthusiasm for this dynamic market that I share with my clients.   

I created this business when some of my old clients contacted me looking for my insights into the tax and financial software industry.  I maintain a broad network of industry specialists locally and globally ensuring that you are always connected to the best provider(s) matching your needs.  

In March 2016, I became the ANZ Sales Manager for Otico Software for CbCR reporting.  My role is primarily to set up a sales channel amongst mid-tier and specialist advisers.  CbCR is a requirement set out by the OECD applying to organisations with revenues of Euro750M+.  

When I'm not in business mode, I play guitar, have run several marathons (albeit slowly), I am trying to learn Spanish & ukulele, but not at the same time....

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“The ability to anticipate the future provides the biggest competitive advantage.” - Daniel Burrus



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