Independent specialist technology & services adviser to meet your long term business goals.


Professional Service Firms

I help choose the best technology and services for firms of all sizes.  


Commercial Organisations

Matching the software vendor / service provider best suited to your needs can be a drawn out process: don't let it be;  I will assist you select the best software / services mix for your business from single ledger to global ERP solutions.


Virtual CIO (vCIO) service

My vCIO service provides a cost-effective solution to getting the best advice for your technology needs.


About me

I have been in specialist tax & accounting software for over 19 years and maintain a broad network of industry specialists locally and globally ensuring that you are always connected to the best provider(s) that match your needs.  

When not in business mode, I play guitar, have run several marathons (albeit slowly), I speak fluent German, rusty French and am trying to learn Spanish & ukulele, but not at the same time....

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“The ability to anticipate the future provides the biggest competitive advantage.” - Daniel Burrus


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