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I help choose the best technology and services for firms of all shapes and sizes.



Matching the software vendor/service provider best suited to your needs can be a drawn out process: don't let it be. I will assist you select the best software/services mix for your business from single ledger to global ERP solutions.



My vCIO service provides a cost-effective solution to getting the best advice for your technology needs.


  • I'd highly recommend Alan to any accountants looking to ensure their firm has the technology to scale and thrive for years to come. Alan reviewed our tech stack and helped us identify several areas requiring attention. He is an independent advisor that will help your firm get the best fit solution.
    — Matt Beattie, General Manager at Quantum Advisory
  • Alan, and his wealth of knowledge of the accounting tech space, helped us to solve a problem that no one else knew how to solve. Not only a great person, but someone who truly knows his stuff! I'd highly recommend seeking his advice out, regardless of whether you are a big business seeking guidance on how to be more tech savvy, or a small business looking to solve a problem.
    — Andrew Van De Beek, Director of Illumin8 Accounting
  • Alan has been an invaluable resource to me in establishing Virtue Private Advisory. His deep experience in the profession, and now working independently as a software consultant, allows him to provide a thorough and intelligent digest of the systems available to modern accounting practice. Without hesitation I recommend his services to new practitioners and those with established systems alike.
    — Leanne Spiteri, Virtue Private Advisory
  • When it comes to knowledge of software & application to professional accounting practices, Alan knows more about what works, what doesn't, how it works, how much it costs and its applications to the business than anyone I have met. This combined with his contacts within the industry and his personal approach make him a very valuable resource to our practice.
    — Norman Same, Director KNP Solutions
  • I don't follow many people on LinkedIn, mainly because time is precious, so it was only after I'd read a few of Alan's posts, had a chuckle and a think (coz his posts often make me think), I clicked the 'follow' thingy. No regrets. Alan is informative and covers the areas I have an interest in, as well as being topical he tells me about stuff I didn't know, hence opening new options to consider or investigate further.
    — Peter Marsh, PA Marsh & Assoc.
  • Alan has been a great colleague and friend over the years that I have known him. Key to his success is his ability to truly connect and understand client requirements and then deliver. I have the highest regard for ability to see projects through to meeting objective.
    — James Malcolm, CEO Crescere Partners
  • Alan's knowledge and contacts in the market make him a valuable part of any strategic discussion in a professional services firm when it comes to technology. We (KPMG) recently built a 5 year plan for our Enterprise department and Alan did a superb job of bringing the market view, current technology offerings, and the future landscape to the table. For a thorough review of your technology state, and where to go next, I can highly recommend Alan.
    — Fleur Telford, Technology Lead Enterprise KPMG
  • I have known Alan since the early days of his venture 'Practice Connections.' As our tax technology company was developing a market entry strategy to do a platform pilot in Australia, we found Alan an excellent and highly reliable subject matter expert who would always make time to ensure we developed and implemented our business case on the right critical path. Alan is a pleasure to work with not to mention a really top bloke!
    — Sandeep Khurana, Global Market Development Strategist
  • After our first meeting I knew that Alan’s wealth of knowledge and contacts within the industry would be of great benefit to what my team were trying to achieve. Alan’s level of expertise, his ability to bring an independent view point and challenge the somewhat antiquated views of the Accounting industry have been imperative in shaping our future strategies.
    — Rhona Duncanson, KPMG
  • Alan has great insight into the future of the use of software in the accounting industry. His articles are always well written and highly insightful. I always look forward to reading Alan's posts, as they are thought provoking and the discussion that follows is always interesting to read.Alan has taken the time to reach out to me to offer me his knowledge on the topic of practice management software.
    — Lee Duffield, General Manager All in Advisory


A little about myself

I have been in specialist tax & accounting software for over 20 years and maintain a broad network of industry specialists locally and globally ensuring that you are always connected to the best provider(s) that match your needs. When not in business mode, I play guitar, have run several marathons (albeit slowly), I speak fluent German, rusty French and am trying to learn Spanish & ukulele, but not at the same time....

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